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ARCHAIC REVIVAL is a co-creative platform and network of souls in resonance with a deep love for plants and movement as a medicine at its heart. Comm-Unity.

Everything is purely vibration and through our own journey of remembering, we wanted to cast ripples outward and create conscious resonance for the collective.

As a collective species, we have severed our connection to spirit and unconsciously separated ourselves, giving away our innate power as we constantly look for something outside of ourselves.

Every direction you look the message is clear - the old way of looking at the world, and ourselves as separate to it, is no longer serving us.

All of nature is alive, essential and interdependent. Nature is our direct connection to Source, to the spirit realms and to our own Indigenous wisdom.

Through embodying the wisdom of nature, our ancestors and our own inner Sage; our intention here at Archaic Revival is to play a part in healing our collective generational trauma, helping us to remember our place in the whole and reconnect to once again find harmony through a co-creative partnership with the Earth.

Nature being Nature.

We intend to do this by facilitating and holding sacred space. No one is ever alone or separate. 
You are the medicine, fierce medicine!

All is one.
Welcome home.