SUMMER || Yoni Steam
  • SUMMER || Yoni Steam


    SUMMER || Yoni Steam Blend.
    Deep, joyful, sensual, ecstatic, creative, powerful, discerning. 

    A blend of
    Rose | Rosehip | Hibiscus | Yarrow | Damiana

    Enjoying our full ecstatic bliss, our juicy creative potential, our fullest expression, claiming our place and power in the world, revelling in the delights of being a beautiful embodied being.

    This blend aids in opening to our orgasmic potential, connecting heart to womb and allowing the pulse of our innate wildness to be felt, seen and heard.

    Helps us to connect to our own needs and desires and honour our energy and compliments our ovulation, the peak of our sensual desire and creative potential.

    £15.55 for 4 steams

    Instructions included.