SPRING :: Womb Essence

SPRING :: Womb Essence

Womb Essence :: SPRING

Made to order, limited edition special!

Created to support the REWILDING :: Menstruality Medicine Circles exploring the rhythm of our inner seasons. 

This is a synergy of native plant spirit allies that sit on the direction of East on the medicine wheel, supporting our alchemical Womb through the inner Spring of our cycle. 

This essence contains 
Dandelion | Snowdrop | Yarrow
Dandelion is the Spring time masculine cosmic air elementalist, the 'Lord of Time'. He helps us to move beyond linear time, regenerating and unsticking us by dissolving habitual patterns, creative blocks and weaving frequencies into harmony.
Snowdrop is the Goddess Brigid’s springtime flower of purity and renewal. She is a feminine spirit helping us to find our flow of intuition and place within the whole.
Yarrow is a feminine plant spirit ally with a long use in womb work and ancestral karma. She is a protective spirit, directly supporting the throat chakra and the balance of masculine and feminine energies within. A perfect ally for all healers, igniting their warriors heart.
Plant essences contain the vibrational imprint of the conscious intelligence/spirit of the plants. They work with us through vibration by repatterning our resonance and giving us their guidance and healing while deepening our harmony with the Earth. 

This essence contains the sacred healing waters of Glastonbury spring. 

Take three drops whenever you need over your inner Spring part of our cycle.

(Although this has been created to support the alchemical womb through these circles, the plant allies contained are in no way limited to just this use. This essence will support any soul that feels a resognance!)