Cycliar Natured Antispasmodic Elixir

[50ml Oil]

This elixir is a powerful ally to support you as your wax and wane through your dual nature of creation and destruction. Illuminating the divine feminine as you allow yourself to be held in the dark while you await rebirth! 

Remain open to receiving insight and wisdom throughout this Sacred cycle and be seen in your full expression as you embrace your power that is found within your emotional nature.  

Most of the plants contained are governed by the Moon herself and the element of Water, with small additions of all other elements and the masculine energy of the Sun included to complete this elixirs cycliar nature for holistic support and balance.

This antispasmodic elixir also contains 8 different aphrodiacs to help uplift flattened energy! 

//Roman Chamomile
//Rose Otto
//Ylang Ylang
//Sweet Marojam
//Clary Sage
infused in almond oil.

Ritual use: Drop some of the oil into your hand, rub together and place your hands over your face. Take three conscious full breath cycles and dive deep into your senses. Massage the remaining oil onto your womb space and honour the magic contained within your body.