HEART / Rose

HEART / Rose


Plant Extract Syngery of Roses, Rosehip and Jasmine with Foxglove essence.

This is made and blessed for the heart and will begin to recalibrate your heart to higher frequencies of love. 

This medicine goes to the places where it is needed, for example if there is a particular part of the body that has been neglected then the medicine will travel there and bring healing to that place.

It is especially good for reversing the effects of deprivation on the spirit. If you had a particularly difficult time and are wanting help to bring yourself into a place where you feel worthy and beautiful again. This blend will help you bring love to all the parts of yourself that need love. 

Rose is gentle and powerful; she works to soften the heart and to hold us in this higher loving frequency.

Jasmine brings a deep love and erotic innocence, attractiveness at a soul level.

Foxglove essence is a powerful heart medicine containing digitalis, she brings strength and a gentle expansion of clairsentience. 

*It is important to note that the Foxglove in this is a flower essence, not a plant extract, meaning it is an energetic infusion of the spirit of Foxglove, it does not contain the physical plant matter as this plant matter is poisonous.

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