Open what is shut and shut what is open.


A native heart medicine foraged and alchemized in Glastonbury, the sacred Heart Chakra of the world. 

A powerful plant ally synergy to  support you to remain open, leading from your centre and protected while you walk the sacred path of heart. 


Hawthorn has a strong association with the water element and this high vibrational heart medicine uses the healing structured water from the world famous white spring in Glastonbury.


'uath' (Hawthorn) is the native celtic heart medicine of this land, the faery's tree and gateway to the spirit realm. Her power is to open what is shut and to shut what is open. She is a true guide into the realms of heart Conciousness and to deepen into right relationship with all of nature. 


Choose to be held and feel safe again if you have closed through fear and doubt! By working with Hawthorn as an ally she assists us in softening from past hurt, releasing trauma and defense mechanisms while breaking down the walls around our heart. Allowing us to deepen into our connections through coming back to a state of deep peace and compassion and the remembrance of our true nature, love.
A beautiful gift to give ourselves and to other. 


Yarrow is a sovereign healer and can be called upon for protection on the journey of self transformation. She works with the Throat Chakra and also aids in ancestral healing. 


Yarrow is a wonderful ally for anyone walking the path of heart as a healer. She assists you to step into your power and forfill your purpose as she ignites the energy of the warrior healer archetype within. Yarrow helps to balance our inner alchemy of masculine and feminine energy and shows us how to output our energy in the most beneficial way through strengthening our energetic boundries. 

Limited addition small crafted batch.
Contains: Glastonbury healing white spring structured water, brandy and the energetic signature of the Conciousness of Hawthorn and Yarrow.


Take 1-3 drops under your tongue per day for 3 weeks. Or whenever you feel you need the support of these beautiful plant allies.