Water Element Aphrodiasc Syngery
[50ml Oil]


Embrace you and be open to receive.

Call upon your deepest desires with this arousing and sensual floral synergistic blend.

This powerful plant ally gets you out of your head and into your body, arousing your creative sexual energy and opening the Sacral Chakra and emotional body. 

Use to dissolve emotional barriers and promote intimacy.

Explore your sacred sexuality and pleasure as you come into FULL BLOOM

Will you own your pleasure?

//Blue Lotus
//Rose Otto
//Ylang Ylang
infused through almond oil.

Ritual use: Drop some of the oil into your hand, rub together and place your hands over your face. Take three conscious full breath cycles and dive deep into your senses. Massage the remaining oil over your heart and neck, or wherever you feel called.