Plant Extract Syngery of Mugwort, Lavender, Valarian, White Rose and Jasmine.

This blend helps to enhance your dream state so you are more active whilst dreaming.

These plants all work to help your body to relax whilst elevating and expanding your mind state. This makes it easier to become lucid, slip into the astral realm and reach different levels of brain activity when meditating or shamanic journeying.

Mugwort is well known for her abilities to help us lucid dream and come into feminine states of consciousness. She also provides protection, carries a key between realities and is a powerful ally, soother and guardian of the womb space. 

Lavender helps us relax into our body and our mind, bringing gentleness and a blessing of peace for our journey.

Valarian is helping the body to relax, harmonise and calm the mind so that we can come into theta states.

Jasmine is a guide through different planes.

White Rose brings love and harmonisation of the elements. 

Plant Extract Synergy
Take 1-4 drops of this before bed or before an inward journey.