Plant Extract Synergy of Fig and Olive.

From the 'Divine Union Tree' on the Greek island Paxi. 

The Fig and Olive were growing together as one. They spoke to me clearly of the divine union, the dance of polarity in harmony, the Goddess and God in union through all time.

The Olive tree was creating the boundary, she was growing inside him, her branches were reaching through his trunk, she was growing taller than a singular Fig tree.

The Olive tree branches came out right at the top of the tree, reaching to commune with the sky.  

This extract is for those embarking on a journey of inner union.
Re-templating and integrating the masculine and feminine that live within all of us, and coming into union with ourselves, igniting the twin flame bond that burns inside of us.

When we come into this union with ourselves this is what allows a union to mirror our inner world and blossom into a beautiful connection with all that is. This inner union means a compatible lover and partner can come to meet us in this space.

Plant Extract Synergy