CLARITY / Enlivening

CLARITY / Enlivening


Plant Extract Synergy of Mint, Rosemary, Nettle, Sage and Elderflower.

For clarity of the mind and uplifting the energetic body. These herbs all have an enlivening quality, that vitalises as it clears.

Mint & Rosemary, harvested on the Greek Island Paxi, they carry the blue skies and clear waters of the island. Rosemary has long been known for its neuroprotective effects, promoting healthy brain and nerve function. Mint revitalises, improves brain function and helps to calm the mind if it is overworked. Mint also aids in healthy digestion; the stomach and the mind are closely linked.

Nettle is a wonder plant, being called the ‘cure-all’, here he is bringing uplifting and clearing to the body, removing toxins, and clearing negative energies for the spirit.

Sage improves brain health and memory. Sage carries wisdom and the ability to solve problems.

Elderflower brings a sweep of joy and good health to this blend.

Many of these plants aid in the recovery from a depression. 

Plant Extract Synergy

Take 1-2 drops morning and evening to lift your spirit and clear your mental space.