CALM / Nervous System

CALM / Nervous System


Plant Extract Synergy of Valerian, Lavender, Elderflower, Sage and Rose.

This one is specifically to help us calm and come into a regulated state with our nervous system. Relax our muscles, adrenals, heart rate.

Valarian is a gentle ally, treating nervous stress and anxiety sympathetically. Call on Valerian for harmony in all types of relationships, and the same goes for the relationship with ones self and ones nervous system.

Lavender brings a deep calming of the body and mind, helping our muscles to relax and any erratic energy in our field to calm.

Elderflower brings power in gentleness, helping to calm anxiety and fear. She also works to de stress at the cellular level by aiding oxidative stress.

Sage helps to ground into the body, and clears heavy energy.

Rose harmonises all of these plants, bringing us into the heart, back home to ourselves. 

Plant Extract Synergy
Take 1-2 drops morning and night. Or 1-4 drops with a cup of your favourite calming herbal tea in times of stress.