AUTUMN || Yoni Steam
  • AUTUMN || Yoni Steam


    AUTUMN || Yoni Steam Blend
    Intuitive, healing, shadow, ancestors, shamanic.

    A blend of
    Motherwort | Mugwort | Rose | Calendula | Lavender | Yarrow

    Deepening into our shamanic capacities, with the veil thin as our body prepares to release, these herbs take us into the inbetween, the luminal space.

    Soothe and heal what needs nurturing to understand what is no longer serving, what can go back to the earth to be transmuted and recycled to nourish our continual growth.

    These herbs also relax the uterus to allow for a gentle release, complimenting our pre bleeding phase, where we are turning in to access what we can learn from ourselves this cycle, attuning to our wisest self.

    £15.55 for 4 steams

    Instructions included.