ANCESTORAL LOVE / Transformation

ANCESTORAL LOVE / Transformation


Plant Extract Synergy of Elder and Yew.

These are two powerful teachers. They assist you in some deep work.

This synergy contains Elderflower and Elderberry, the blossom and fruit of the mother, the crone, elder energy.

Yew is the guardian of time and bridge between worlds.

Both of these trees are there to walk with us through transformation, to hold our hand across the bridge as parts of us die and are reborn.

Elder helps us to initiate change and the Yew will watch over us to carry it through till the end.

Dont these two lightly together, it’s a powerful combination, but also the exact kind of medicine we need at these times.

Recommended to take this if you’re in an ongoing process of spiritual awakening, (as increasingly more of us are) inevitably we meet difficult aspects, ancestral threads surfacing for healing, we are the ones who have come to transform these energies, and this is exactly the calling with this medicine. To help us through the dark night of the soul, and send healing all the way through our ancestral lines, to the grandmothers and grandfathers to the beginning of time, and 7 generations beyond. 

Use this blend in ritual magick and ceremony to send healing into my ancestral lines, and to ask for help in transforming parts of yourself along your spiritual journey. 

*This blend contains Yew Berry, only the red part, not the seed. All of the Yew is poisonous apart from the red part of the berry.

Plant Extract Synergy