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A journey of coming home to ourselves. Guided embodiment practice reintegrating the emotional body through connecting to the feminine archetype within.
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04 Dec 2020, 19:00

About the Event

Join AMALUNA as she invites you towards a guided journey of embodying the feminine archetype and reclaiming your power found within your emotional nature.  

Embark on a journey through the inner landscapes of your world, as you give yourself permission to go deep and listen to the innate wisdom of your body.    

Through movement and bringing awareness to the subtle energies of the body we will open into, explore and reintegrate the emotional body.    

This is a time to look inward instead of out.  

To reclaim your power.  

To reclaim you body.  

To reclaim your home.

’Freedom follows truth.  Our peace shines out ward  and supports the creation of a new harmony.’’

Online Event: A journey of coming home. Reintegrating our emotional body through movement and a guided process.

Duration: 90 minutes.

We will be working with FULL BLOOM [Birth] Aphrodisiac Water Element Syngery for the feminine, creative, sexual life force energy throughout this journey and you can order yours in store for this event. 

Movement throughout this journey explores the feminine qualities of our energetic nature.  We will first embody the primal lunar animal of the snake as we awaken our spine and ripple into our energetic body.  A creature of the underworld and representing the Goddess, the snake is seen to embody the mysteries of death and renewal, symbolising the transformative power of the feminine energy.  Opening into our emotional body, we begin to embody the element of water as we dive deep into the Sacral Chakra, our emotional and sexual energetic power centre. Through yin yoga hips opening asanas, and alchemising our creative, sexual life force energy, we will connect movement with breath and release what chooses to arise. 

This embodyment practice is open to everyone to which it resognates. 

You are invited to close your eyes on this journey.  Giving yourself permission to trust and go deeply inward.

All is one.

Big love. 

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    +£0.28 Service fee

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